This photo, from Dr. Sketchy's Ottawa, is one featured in a gallery on


For Centretown News, I worked half of my semester as the photo editor as well as a photojournalist.

You can find some of my galleries on this Flickr page. In my final week, I put together a photo gallery looking at Dr. Sketchy’s Ottawa, which hosts an open sketching session using alternative artists as models.

In the winter semester of the 2011 school year at Carleton University, I was assigned a neighbourhood in Ottawa to cover. Over the course of eight weeks, I produced several multimedia presentations showcasing Sandy Hill, a small, quaint neighbourhood near the University of Ottawa.

I started with a photostory illustrating the atmosphere in Sandy Hill, located on Flickr.


For more Sandy Hill coverage, I made an audio slideshow profiling a pet store with not only a unique business model but also a unique standard for their products.

I also worked on multimedia presentations for an online reporting class. Here, my team looked at low voter turnout in Canada for Capital News Online.

With another team, I profiled the animation industry in Canada.


Here are more of my more recent blog posts.

Last year, I wrote three different observations about the neighbourhood.

Here is a story about an individual from the Sandy Hill Toastmasters club, who found inspiration from tragedy to win several local public speaking tournaments and aimed for a higher title at the time of publication.


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