Magazine articles are my favorite style of writing. With magazines, readers have a sense of each writer’s individual voice. And though the content usually speaks for itself, in my opinion there’s no fun in writing if you can’t make it personable.

I wrote two articles for Solis Magazine, each a profile of inked models. Here’s what I wrote about Shonda Mackey and here’s what I wrote about Leah Jung.

For Career Options Magazine, I wrote about the emerging career generation gap.

In October, I wrote about an emerging Ottawa comic book artist named Von Allan.

For Capital Arts Online, I wrote about “nerdlesque” in Ottawa — a very sexy trend with a decidedly unsexy inspiration.

During my apprenticeship for University Affairs, the magazine published three of my articles:

– Rabi Sun wants you to know what the University of British Columbia looks like. To learn why this photographer takes 10 pictures of strangers every day, click here.

– What did Andre Matte find in his University of Alberta residency application that dramatically changed his first year experience? Read on here.

– The University of Calgary says nursing isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Read more here.

And here are two articles for The Monthly Seer. Read more about quidditch under the “Quidditch” page on my website.

Training GuideThe Monthly Seer September/October
Danny Mendelson: Player of the MonthThe Monthly Seer

Finally, check out my first published work after high school: Imagine having telekinesis, or the ability to lift objects with your mind. Well, now you can. I gushed about the possibilities in an article for The Rostrum here.


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