The oldest form of journalism isn’t the same as it was back when newspapers were your only form of news. These days, you can find “print” journalism as hard news in newspapers and websites run by professional reporters as well as soft news — and sometimes openly biased — in sources like magazines, blogs, and a variety of other online sites. For samples of my work in magazines, check out the “Magazines” tab above.

Kristy Wright 2012

This page focuses on pure print forms. For more multimedia work, have a look at my Multimedia page.


In the midst of strained relations between the transgender community and police, Ottawa police made an effort to mend relations (and made history) in November. Here is my coverage in Centretown News.

Speaking of controversy, what happens when a university tightens residence policies concerning sex while roommates are present? Read on here.

For a look inside Centretown, here is a quick vignette for L’Esplanade Laurier, published in Centretown News.


The kosher food industry insists its food safety regulations are pristine, and it looks like the Government of Canada agrees — so much so, that the government is investing money to the industry to allow them to recommend their inspection guidelines to other food inspections. Read on here.

As the Ottawa marathon wrapped up in late May, I asked some of the winners what was going on in their head during the race. For two versions of the story, click here.


Look — up in sky! It’s a bird — no, it’s a plane! No, it’s Supergirl — but cover your eyes, kids, because her costume reveals a bit too much from this angle. I talk about why mainstream comic book writers draw female characters like this as well as other sexist problems for Centretown News.

As an Internet addict, January 18 was a dark day for me. Not just because I couldn’t watch the latest cat video on Reddit, but because it was a reminder of the worst case scenario of the Internet — and you should be concerned, too. I wrote about problems with SOPA and PIPA for Centretown News.


As a performer for Disney on Ice, I have the opportunity to promote the show through live TV and radio interviews, meet-and-greets, and special performances. Check out the tab for more links to these interviews.

For written PR that’s not related to Disney on Ice, check out my contributions to a press release for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation here.


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