Public Relations

As a performer for Disney on Ice, I have the opportunity to promote the show through live TV and radio interviews, meet-and-greets, and special performances.


I hosted the Wake Up Call in Boston.

I appeared on The View with my cast of Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream.

Here is a newspaper spotlight features interview about me in New York, and another spotlight when I performed in Western New York.

I advertised our show in Buffalo, NY as well as a more personal, heartfelt interview in the same city.

In Ontario, here’s a TV clip of my interview on a morning news show (my interview starts around 5:30).

I had a similar interview in Cleveland.

This is a longer TV interview I did with one of my coworkers in Salt Lake City.

Most of my PR overseas was non-verbal because of the language barrier in other countries, but here is a print article about another skater and me when Dare to Dream performed in New Zealand.

For PR not related to Disney on Ice, check out my contributions to a press release for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation here.


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