Standard Alivans brooms used by the International Quidditch Association

There is only one sport that I know that is full-contact and truly co-ed. It combines aspects of rugby, dodgeball, and hide-and-seek. And there’s one piece of equipment that doesn’t aid the players in handling the ball, nor is it protective; in fact, all it does is get in the way. Yet undeniably, it’s the most defining part of the game.

That piece of equipment is a broom. And if you haven’t heard of Muggle Quidditch by now, you should.

Based on the fictional sport in the Harry Potter universe, in this version of Quidditch, everyone runs with brooms between legs, with 2/3 of the team trying to put one ball through goal hoops (Chasers), others attacking with dodgeballs (Beaters), and two unlucky players chasing a runner in gold Spandex to end the game (Seekers and the Snitch).

Quidditch has over 300 registered universities and colleges in the International Quidditch Association (IQA), most of whom have met at the legendary Quidditch World Cup.

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I was also interviewed for Movie Buzzed, where I discussed the changing nature of the sport. I’m interviewed around the 2:00:00 mark.


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