As a student at Carleton University, I wrote and produced nearly a dozen stories and features. I have also interned at Legends 102.7 FM in Rochester, NY.

More recently, I have been interviewed nearly a hundred times to promote Disney on Ice in New Zealand as well as American cities such as Los Angeles, Spokane, and Salt Lake City. Here is a sample of one of those interviews.

I’ve also been interviewed by Movie Buzzed about the changing nature of quidditch. (My interview starts around 2:00:00.)


Based on the following three clips, I was named the 2011 recipient of the CTV Scholarship in Broadcast Journalism at Carleton University.

  • Here is a public service announcement that we filmed in early January 2011.
  • The prospect of losing the Ottawa U-Pass was the topic of a feature we produced in mid-February.
  • And finally, we looked at combined sewer overflows for a same-day newscast in two parts: first, a stand-up and later a full piece.

When I joined Disney on Ice, I started doing television interviews promoting the show.

    • Here is an interview in Cleveland.
    • When I performed in western New York, I talked about playing home in this clip of a more personal interview.
    • I also advertised our show in Buffalo here.
    • I did a Facebook Live in Raleigh, NC in the style of a TV interview here.
    • Here is an interview I did in Salt Lake City.
    • And here is one I did in Hamilton, Ontario.
    • I worked behind the scenes for this national show that aired on ET Canada and Global News Canada here.
    • I hosted a Wake Up Call in Boston.
  • Finally, here’s where I appeared on ABC’s The View



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